Friday, May 28, 2004


Herzlich Wilkommen, and all that

So I decided to try blogging.

Credit, or blame should go to some of the good guys out in the blogosphere, such as Charles at Little Green Footballs, Kim DuToit, Emperor Misha, Steven Den Beste and a whole bunch of other bloggers whose incisive commentary has given me much pleasure and inspiration.

This is going to be an irregular day book, full of odd observations and commentary. My day gig has taught me one thing as a management consultant - Scott Adams is the most prescient person in the world. There will be some interesting observations on the foibles of consulting, information technology and financial services (suitably sanitized, of course - can't offend the junior captains of industry who like things like PMOs and absurd HR practices, after all).

As to politics, I lean conservative. Always have. Grew up in a solidly Democratic area of New York City (Department of Redundancy Department) where we had the same Congresscritter for 50 years, and the state reps for the district were a family dynasty. When there was a challenge to Mario Cuomo, the local posters said "Vote For The Democrat". Always wanted to scream out at the UFT members who largely infested the neighborhood that the New Deal was over, just to get their goats.

Hearing the Dems nowadays just ticks me off big time. Sorry guys, I happen to have been in the World Financial Center (diagonally across from the Twin Towers for the Lower Manhattan-impaired) on 9/11. Had a ringside seat for the show. Don't blather about the UN, international cooperation and all of that crap. We're fighting people who would cheerfully slit our throats because they don't like anything and everything about us. More on my 9/11 story on another day.

Taking a 180 to more positive turns of thought, I rediscovered my rock and roll roots a couple of years back and started playing with a band on weekends occasionally. When there's nothing to rant about on the corporate or political side, we can dissect the horrid state of music and discuss the merits of vintage and reissue guitars and amps (there's a couple of great boards that I frequent on the subject, but heck this is my blog).

Being from NYC originally, I have a command of every 4, 6, 7, 10 and 12-letter word in the book. They may be used here occasionally. That said, I'm reminded of something the late Raymond Loewy said about the importance of being a gentleman (the quote can be heard on a video about the legendary GG1 electric locomotive, which Loewy helped design). It's always stuck with me, and I value the thought. It's something sorely lacking in our world.

What's to come? Anecdotes, opinions and the like. All opinions are solely my own (gotta cover ye olde tochis).



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