Sunday, May 30, 2004


Random Ephemera

In the "Sometimes its tough to be a Beatles fan" department:

Sir Paul McCartney decided to give his opinion about the Iraq war, and naturally, it falls into the cranio-rectal inversion category. To be sure it's a carefully crafted statement designed to minimize offense (geez, sounds like most of his post-Band On The Run output). I thought Paulie was one of the few musicians who actually got it - remember "Freedom"?. Perhaps he's been taking some heat from the peer group (ambiguous pun intentional)?

Don't worry Paul, I can separate the opinion from the art. Next time though, please just talk about why you would choose between the Rickenbacker and the Hofner. Revolver and Rubber Soul still haven't left the rotation in the CD player.

And then of course there was this action and commentary from the ever popular Yoko. Hate to point it out to you, old girl, but "Imagine" isn't exactly a big seller in the region, except strangely enough in Israel. I certainly doubt that "Walking On Thin Ice" will be played in quote unquote Palestine (double feh). If she would read more history, she might see just who and what she's sympathizing with.

Im andere beobachtung the Official Semi-Offical John Rowland Impeachment Countdown is on! 31 days until the Impeachment Committee makes its recommendation. Let's see, the guy's had some domestic violence concerns, there are heavy questions about ethics, he's no longer the chairman of GWB's reelection campaign in Connecticut, some form of criminal indictment is likely and his approval rating is somewhere in the vicinity of Nikita Khrushchev's. I gotta admire this guy's persistency and stamina.


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