Saturday, June 19, 2004


In Das Gerecht Von Die Beobachterkoening....

Since Madonna has decided to take on yet another persona (has anyone told her about "Sybil"?), the following lyrics to the tune of Lady Madonna, courtesy of the Beat Gear Cavern forum, seem appropriate:
fading madonna
her career is growing weak
she kisses britney spears to get the publicity she seeks

fading madonna
record sales decline
but we still have to listen to her whimper and whine

fading madonna
she wears underwear when live
thought she hasn't been "hot" since 1985
One thing I'd really like to see and hear from Madge and all the other (ahem) chanteuses who wear those ridiculous headset micropohones (you know, the ones that look like the one Captain Scarlet had, or that some Level 1 tech support guy in Hyderabad has surgically grafted to his face) would be a sound board tape from one of their "concerts". What do you want to bet that the only part of the show that actually has the "singer"'s microphone turned on is the part where she goes "Hello Cleveland"?

Some readers might be wondering what the heck is with the German bits here and there in this blog. I have a minor capability in a few foreign languages (Spanish being the best of the lot, and I'd call my French and German tourist-level; I never had any problems making myself understood when traveling through Europe, although usually the locals would smile broadly at my ghastly interpretation of their dialect and switch to a somewhat better English than I speak if they had any facility at all in it), and the damndest thing is that sometimes it's easier to communicate a concept or specific feeling in a foreign language than using the native English version, or since I prefer to wield a leaden rapier rather than a battleaxe (I defer to the experts in the latter, specifically my dear sweet mother-in-law), it's a touch more kulturny (you didn't know I spoke a bit of Russki as well, did you?) to make a point in a more (ahem) civilized (cough) manner. The title of this post translates as "In The Court Of The Observer King", a minor play on the King Crimson song title, but of course this is blog is a tiny bit of a stream of conciousness observational thing, so it just sounded good.

One gag repeated in various comedies throughout the years involves the group of either German or Japanese tourists who don't speak any English, and some factotum announces he was in the army during World War 2, and proceeds to greet the tour group in their native language, and the tour group promptly and puzzledly put their hands up in surrender. A funny bit (I think the best version of it was Gordon Jump on WKRP), but absolutely implausible in German ("Hands up!" would translate as "Hande hoch!", and I would guess that someone would usually welcome foreign visitors with something along the lines of "Wilkommen", rather than "Sie sind umgeben. √úbergabe").

And speaking of WKRP, without a doubt, wasn't Jan Smithers absolutely awesome? Not much about her on the web unfortunately, save for this fan site.


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