Sunday, June 13, 2004



The New York Times' howler of the week: "2 Declarations by bin Laden May Be Used in Stewart Trial". They should've had the headline saying it's Lynne Stewart's trial, but the mental image of Osama opining on Martha's window treatments is just too comical not to relish (and yes I take a bit of schadenfreude every time a Sulzberger gaffe occurs).

I picked up an HP Deskjet 5850 printer for the family to share across their computers. It's a cool printer that has Ethernet and wireless access built in, no messy port sharing or USB switches. A bit slow, but good quality and fine for the family (I've got my own industrial-strength device that prints out the massive tomes I need to get out to the world). One tiny caveat that bit me was that I installed it on one of the computers here that runs Win2K Pro, and that has multiple user accounts for the kiddies. It worked fine when I was logged in as an administrator, but didn't work for the kids no matter how much I tweaked the security settings. It finally worked when I deleted the LPR port the installer created, and created a new one.

Interesting comment I've seen in some .sigs out there
"Robert Tappan Morris, Jr., got six months in jail for crashing 10% of the computers that Bill Gates made $100 million crashing last weekend."
OK, OK, I'll admit to uttering more than a few oaths and evil incantations in Redmond's direction when things don't work right, but overall things have gotten quite a bit better with their stuff, and as long as you don't try anything along the lines of systems integration :-) you should be OK with your Microsoft server products. However, if you're still using IE as your browser, please read this, install Mozilla or Firefox, and call your guru in the morning.

Even though you did install a popup blocker, consider this - if you've got Flash, Shockwave or other "enriched media" handler installed ads can be pushed through that way bypassing your popup blocker. There are companies out there coming up with circumvention mechanisms as we speak. Anatomical differences aside, they should all get prostate trouble.

Somewhat short shrift today, as I'm going to the ball game. First time in years at the stadium (and I expect that it'll cost me a small fortune between the tickets, program, yearbook, hats, dirty water dogs and all the other accoutrements of a visit to a major league park).


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