Thursday, June 03, 2004


Short Shrift

And once again the black hole consumes the day. Already spent two hours on conference calls, and have two hours more for this afternoon. 50% of quote unquote normal billable hours spent on meetings rather than real work. High stress level in the conf calls. A win-win situation for gastroenterologists and the telcos.

My current project is an abject lesson in the axiom "Failure to plan is planning to fail". The entire groundwork that was supposed to give the baseline is incomplete, incorrect or invalid. A bunch of project planners running around like decapitated poultry pointing fingers at each other and trying to find the people who actually have a clue how things work makes much ammunition for later entries. The only sad part is that since these entries require a touch of wordsmithing to make sure the guilty aren't easily identifiable, I've got to tell these stories during a quieter time when I can actually single task.

On that note, I shall disappear back into the lair, and prepare my headache for later.


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