Monday, June 21, 2004


The sound of no fans clapping

The always erudite and logical Steven Den Beste has mirrored an excellent article on the mess that the Islamofascists make of the world. Well worthy of your attention.

If for any reason you either support the RIAA or are buying new CDs, this should give you pause. At the very least, turn off Autoplay on your CD and DVD drives on your computer. The potential for installing malware is appalling. The copy protection industry despite their protestations of being reasonable guardians of intellectual property is actually a bunch of loose cannons, who if given the chance would put code on your computer that would wipe out content they feel is unlicensed, pirated, or for that matter inappropriate (Senators from Disney Hollings and Hatch, anyone?). I remember an interview with an executive from a well-known copy protection company many years ago saying that they had stuff ready to go that would (I'm paraphrasing here, but the war reference was correct) make Vietnam look like a playpen when unleashed on a PC. This is the sort of nonsense the RIAA endorses.

I have to laugh at how the RIAA feeds us a line that we're paying for the costs of getting a recording out. If you ever look at a recording contract, you'll notice that all expenses for recording, promotion, etc. are advances to the artist, and the record company will recoup their advances to the artist before one dime is paid to him or her. Conversely by that logic, recordings that are long since paid for or otherwise amortized should only be sold to the public on a cost plus basis (costs being packaging and royalties, plus a reasonable profit), something unlikely to happen as the back catalog is a cash cow for most record companies. The current list price for the CD version of Please Please Me, an album recorded in 1963 in a single 14-hour session, is $18.98. Comment unnecessary.


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