Monday, June 28, 2004


Watch The Wallabies Feed, Mate....

Not much to report or opine on today due to the great deities of the Methodology sucking the life out of everything its tentacles touch. Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer finally noticed that the current methodology flavor of the month has a couple of glaring holes in it, but the client is expecting this methodology to be applied, He will be calling an expert harrumpher to determine just how to present the holes to our client, and if necessary, escalating. There are some moments when you just want to say, stop, take a step back, look at what you've got already, and if you've got holes, plug them before you go any further. Unfortunately the sales and contract types are very good at selling things without the remotest clue of how to actually make them happen.

The project managers are sufficiently useless today as well. We've got one who reminds me of Lou Costello, both in stature and effectiveness. He's been an astonishingly poor PM all the way through this project (but I must say he's not a bad person), and only knows his metrics. I don't think these guys could define a real milestone (as opposed to a method-mandated one) if his <insert something mission-critical or euphemism for buttocks> depended on it.

One joke I'm notorious for telling is somewhat applicable here in modified form - "What's the difference between an IT project and a buzzard?" "The buzzard waits until you're dead to eat your heart out".

Late posting tomorrow, as I will be banging out stuff at the client site, otherwise known as Camp Runamuck, where the sign on the door says "Anderer Tag der Freude durch Arbeit".


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