Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Would you like fries with your aggravation?

The meeting schedule lurches forward, with three meetings alone scheduled for today. 37.5% of today's quote unquote normal work time scheduled for nothing but people reporting status for the third time. All day meetings scheduled for tomorrow. A project manager actually said yesterday, "this is where the methodology falls down". Aha, the beginnings of wisdom. Scope is constantly changing on this cockamamie project, when we should be nailing designs down and handing off to the implementers. Moral: methodologies are not one size fits all, and most projects are "corner cases", where a unique, tailored approach is required.

Some random observations for today in lieu of coherence:

Finally someone has the cojones (anatomical differences aside) to get in front of that cesspool on First Avenue otherwise known as the UN and confront them on their anti-Semitism. Even Kofi "Am I Really As Bad As John Lindsay?" Annan paid lip service here. I look forward to seeing the vote in the General Assembly for the sheer amusement factor. Sort of reminds me of the old joke about the rabbi visiting his congregant in the hospital, "Mr. Schwartz, I want you to know that the synagogue board passed a resolution wishing you a speedy and complete recovery by a vote of 14-9, with three abstentions".

An interesting observation on Annan's bland pronunciations on anti-Semitism. Kofi's buddies have been spewing this shit out for decades, and not one major US media outlet has called them on it. I well remember one "60 Minutes" segment on some aspect of the Paleostinian-Israeli conflict, and they were interviewing one of the keffiyah-wearing slobs. The voice-over translator said "...the Israelis..." but I clearly heard the terrorist say "el yahoud", which translates as "the Jews". No difference between Mrs. Goldblatt in Riverdale and Ariel Sharon to these animals.

Senator Hatch (R-Disney) wants to overturn Sony vs. Universal, the 1984 decision known as the Betamax case, under the pretense of preventing child pornography (in the same sense that banning matches will reduce arson). The way the legislation is written, it's possible that even VCRs will be outlawed, never mind P2P networks or things like analog capture devices. I may seem to be harping on this particular issue, but there's method to my madness. While any sane person recognizes that even in wartime some domestic issues must be addressed, there is an inordinate amount of obeisance being paid here by these two senators to an industry that lately has contributed nothing but unpatriotic sentiment and most of its product is absolute shite that has neither lasting artistic merit nor contributes anything to a positive discourse that any healthy society needs. In other words, stop wasting time shilling for Jack Valenti and Cary Sherman's constituencies when our enemies are lopping off American heads.

To increase your consternation level, consider that the quote unquote adult entertaintment industry has actually been responsible in certain ways for innovations that wouldn't have been commercially practical without the demand of a clientele willing to repeatedly pay premium prices for something. Early satellite TV providers made an awful lot of money on the stuff, and secure and micro-payment technologies have been driven in large part by this garbage.

And a bit more on DRM here, here and here. The good Doctor is venting his spleen in a more positive manner nowadays, I suppose it's the success of Spaceship One :-)

Microsoft to buy Network Associates? Good thing or bad? Potential upside is that nobody knows their OS like MSFT so perhaps the anti-virus and trojan defenses will become more effective, downside is that we can count on MSFTs usual intensive testing and quality control efforts. Anti-trust, anyone?

And finally, who's paying for spyware ads? Awfully nice company they're in...


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