Saturday, July 10, 2004


Been a long time since I rock and rolled......

Well, two weeks, but I digress.

My band's new girl singer seems a bit out of step with us, in that we're just a bunch of old farts who like playing classic rock (stopping somewhere in the general vicinity of the first Bad Company album, generally we play stuff in the neighborhood of Let It Bleed). She's come up with a bunch of songs that she'd like to do, mostly 80s chazzerai and let's face it, Bon Jovi isn't exactly my bag. I remember seeing him on the Long Island and NJ bar circuits when he was a bum who could barely pull two bucks a head at the door (Twisted Sister was pulling $7-10 a head contemporaneously, depending on whether it was a weekend or not). Our singer has a 3 octave range, but her choices aren't really resonating with the other guitar player and myself. She did suggest "Be My Baby", and I thought, OK cool, with images of those delectable Ronettes appearing in my mind.....

Sure enough it wasn't the classic "Boom-ba-boom" drum part, but something by Martina McBride (whoever the heck she is). About the only one she suggested that rang a bell with me was "Because The Night" (Broooooooce!). She suggested something by The Tubes, and I remembered vaguely hearing them doing a version of the old Major Lance classic "The Monkey Time". Sure enough, it was buried in the massive collection of pop ephemera here, I took a listen, and darn, did they massacre it. The Proprietor says: Minor 70s artists covering 60s classics usually results in a miserable cover, witness Andy Kim clobbering the Ronettes, and Greg Kihn mauling "Sweet Jane".

"Get Yer Ya-Yas Out" is very high on my playlist at the moment, and I'd like the band to try out something from that album - I always preferred the way a lot of the tracks on Ya-Yas sound over their studio counterparts, just raunchy and nasty, the Stones as they're meant to be heard. I picked up a Japanese tablature transcription of Ya-Yas on eBay, and found something rather interesting. As I suspected, there was a lot of Keef playing in Open G capoed at the fourth fret (the only photographic record I've seen of him capoed on the '69 tour shows him playing a black Les Paul Custom; most photos I've seen show him playing the Dan Armstrong, or an ES-335). I always thought "Midnight Rambler" was played in standard tuning capoed at the 7th fret but the transcription shows Open G.

The other piece I'm anxious for the band to try is "Baba O'Riley". I found a good MIDI sequence for the synth part, and imagine that we can just jam out on guitars during the violin ride out. Alas and alack, our keyboard player is having trouble loading the sequence into his synth (works fine on my Roland synth at home...), and hasn't gotten it to work yet. Urrrrrgh.

An amusing addendum here is The 50 Worst Songs Of Great Rockers.

On the spam front, interestingly enough, I got my first spam where the advertising site was hosted by Adelphia yesterday. The folks over on Broadband Reports were crowing somewhat about the reduction in spam from Adelphia, especially in light of the Rigas' convictions. Close, but no cigar.


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