Sunday, July 04, 2004


Happy Fourth Of July

Somewhat short shrift today, as I'm going to enjoy the holiday.

Today's first rant is courtesy of Hewlett-Packard. A couple of months ago, I bought Mom an HP all-in-one device for her computer. She rather appreciated the concept, but I have to say that the bloatware that HP provided with this thing (a PSC 2410, if you must know) is an absolute piece of crap. Apparently I'm not the only person who's noticed this thing. First of all, the full-featured version of the software is over 400 megabytes. That's right, boys and girls, over 400 megabytes of software for one lousy printer/fax/scanner combo. Not to mention that this software for some reason keeps reinstalling components like MSFT's Data Access Objects, as well as reconfiguring itself. Every single time the thing runs. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the thing to stop churning the disk upon bootup and login. This particular mode of operation is not unknown, and a number of other folks have complained on various web sites and newsgroups. The usual reason for such behavior (installing with insufficient privilege) doesn't apply here, since I was running as Administrator when the drivers and bloatware were installed, and there was every indication of success. I will probably get HP on the phone and get Apu or Sanjay to walk me through a solution, but this software provides a very good example of why coding should be kept in the US. The coders in Lower Offshoria do not know how to read a requirements document written in standard American English. Ask some major financial houses how much additional debugging effort results from offshore coding. These guys will "yes" you while not understanding a thing you say.

If you want to see what the hard Left's tactics are, read this and be infuriated. What they do there, they also do here. While there are some ethical, honest Democrats such as Zell Miller, most of them would merely smile at reading this, if not tacitly or actively supporting this kind of thing.

Enjoy your Fourth, be safe, and say thanks for our wonderful country.


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