Friday, July 23, 2004


Impromptu Kvetches

Chinese Fire Drill in progress today, so I only have time for some quick observations.

There used to be a pretty decent page by Lorrie Cranor on the Bell Labs web site about electronic voting, and for some reason that page has been pulled. I wish I had it handy, since on the good Doctor's site, I found a link to this story about hacking a Diebold electronic voting machine, and I'm flabbergasted to say the least. OK, economies of scale and all that, but using a Microsoft OS for something that needs to be secure and trusted? And on top of that using a file format that can be read with an ordinary desktop tool like Access? For sheer amusement, I'm going to download the various files and see for myself, but if I was running an RFP for an e-voting solution and Diebold came up with this, I'd chuck it faster than a dirty diaper. Makes you wonder about their ATMs now, too, especially since they're going IP whenever possible (and just what's wrong with SNA/APPN, the old fart asks?).

An article well worth your attention on the problems facing Sydney and Paris (and no, I'm not referring to some tarts on TV). The implications for what could happen here are frightening. An excellent followup to "Barbarians At The Gates Of Paris", which can be found here.

First, Merijn pulls the plug on CWShredder, and now Wilders Security won't analyze HijackThis logs any longer.  A rather disturbing trend when the volunteer community no longer wishes or cannot help out with the evils of malware. It's really time for Symantec and Network Associates, as well as Microsoft to step up to the plate and put some serious resources up against the low-lifes who are perpetuating this browser hijacking criminality. Doubtful they will, as they probably have alliances with adware and other quasi-legit outfits to help them deliver their content, and those pay a lot better than anti-virus subscriptions (at least as far as the bean counters see it).

This information is publicly available at Fundrace so I'm not letting any big secret out here, but for your amusement,  and a bit of detective work, you can find out which major investment bank's CEO and Chairman Of The Board is for Bush, but the bank's president and COO is for Kerry. The morning call must be a load of laughs over there.....

In the latest episode of Les Francais Sont Cochons, we find the director of the Tour De France saying that fans have spit on Lance Armstrong. Unsanitary little cretins, aren't they?  Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, take a look at the warm reception Lance got in the Pyrenees:

And speaking of our Gallic friends, they're trying (somewhat) but this post on the French Embassy's web site has a howler of a headline - "Knesset Speaker thanks France for Anti-Semitic effort".


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