Sunday, July 18, 2004


Marvin, You're A Rotten Kid

Update: Thanks to a friend suggesting I check Dr. Demento, I've identified the artist as one Christine Nelson, who was Allan Sherman's female foil on "Sarah Jackman". The song was from an album called "Did You Come To Play Cards or To Talk?" released in 1966. The arranger / producer was a fellow named Lou Busch, who did the same for Allan Sherman. There's no reference to Christine appearing on the Ed Sullivan show, so I'll have to research a bit more to find out which TV show I actually heard this on.  Unfortunately, this track doesn't seem to be on any of the currently available Dr. Demento CDs.
Way, way back in when I was in 3rd grade or so, there was a hilarious bit on one of the variety shows (it might've been Ed Sullivan) where some comedienne did a song called "Marvin, You're A Rotten Kid" to the tune of "Funiculi, Funicula". Definitely Borscht Belt stuff, but it raised a buzz amongst all the parents. It faded into my memory, but as a typical frustrated parent (think Daffy Duck in "Rabbit Seasoning" when it comes to my kids) occasionally I wondered where the heck it came from and more importantly could I track it down.  I had Googled it before, and zilch, however, this afternoon I hit paydirt, well sort of.  The song, split into three parts, can be found here. I'm presently fighting with ProTools Free to reassemble it into a contiguous block (it just BSOD'd the computer it's installed on, and there are some annoying timing errors pasting the three blocks), but one of these hours I'll get the file together and find a place to post it.
Moral of course is that even the hugest obscurity can be found eventually on the web, but funny enough on the linked site there's no information about this song. The singer's accent is pure Noo Yawk, possibly affected. The humor is typical frustrated parent - "Go and play in traffic don't come back till Saturday".  Anyone have a clue who did this?
Reminds me of seeing a very obscure Warner Brothers cartoon called "The Mouse That Jack Built" when I was very little. The cartoon disappeared, and when I mentioned it to most film types they told me I was confusing the Jack Benny cast (who appeared as mice in the cartoon) with "The Honeymousers" (give you three guesses which TV show they were lampooning) but confirmation came from Leonard Maltin's book on animation, and sure enough, one afternoon the cartoon actually came on TV, however, it was cut to shreds and totally unintelligible. The reason? Rochester (Eddie Anderson).  A rather unbelievable reason to cut the cartoon, as while Rochester did have that raspy voice that some might deem stereotypical, he always got the best lines, and always got the best of Jack Benny.  Interestingly enough, it's not documented on this page, which is a compendium of censored Looney Tunes cartoons. Read and be infuriated what political correctness does to our heritage.


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