Sunday, August 29, 2004


By Papa He's A Spy, By Mama He's A Spy, But From Spies Is He A Spy?

A very old joke: Agent X-28 goes to an apartment building, looking for his contact, Horowitz. In the vestibule, there are two Horowitzes listed on the buzzers. Deciding that one looks likely, he presses the buzzer, and proceeds to the apartment, where a short, balding rumpled man answers the door. "Aha" thinks X-28, he looks so ordinary, he must be the one, and gives the code phrase, "The oranges are ripe in Valencia". Horowitz looks puzzled and says "Huh?". "I said, the oranges are ripe in Valencia", "Oh, you want Horowitz the spy. Upstairs, 5B".

Very interesting timing on the release of the information on this AIPAC-Pentagon business doing it on a Friday night at the end of August when lots of folks have disappeared for the weekend or the week already. The obvious pitfall of it is that it gives Ubergruppenfuhrer Buchanan an opportunity to vent his spleen (not that he needs an excuse, but in a sound-bite world this one was tailor-made for him), and obviously by extension gives the loony fringe another rotten plank in their platforms. As to talk of this being manufactured by certain media outlets to take attention away from Lurch's troubles, I doubt it, however, those media outlets certainly aren't above a bit of schadenfreude at yet another quote unquote scandal to tar the Administration with. As to the foreign parties in this matter, if they're doing wet work, they're being awfully sloppy about it, given the fearsome and methodical reputation their intelligence services have. First, the nonsense in New Zealand with the passports, then this? After the Pollard imbroglio? The thought of this being a disinformation campaign of sorts does crop up, to perhaps convince someone that the parties are slipping... (more on this as it develops)

Here's a real cute way to make sure your kids don't develop a palate for anything other than blandburgers - use hot sauce to discipline them, especially when the quote unquote offense is oral in nature. You really have to laugh about the new parenting guru being a near-forgotten child star from a show that was so bad two sets of leads walked away from it.


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