Saturday, August 07, 2004


In the "Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Sopranos Fan" Department

Christopher Hitchens' May 2004 article in Vanity Fair on third-party candidates has an interesting little bit of information. It seems that nutcase / Marxist / Fascist / anti-Semite Leonora Fulani, who makes Al Sharpton look like Martin Luther King, has an interesting connection with my favorite TV show. Quoth Hitchens:
A fabulous detail about Fulani, incidentally, is the hold that she seems to exert on the cast of The Sopranos. Dominic Chianese, who plays Uncle Junior, is a regular at the All Star Project, co-founded by Fulani and Newman, which puts on Newman's unwatchable dramas, and has taken along other members of the team, including James Gandolfini, for photo ops. Analyze that, if you dare.

The "Newman" referred to in the quote certainly isn't Wayne Knight's character on Seinfeld, but rather a character who seems to get all of Lyndon LaRouche's rejects. Needless to say, he and Fulani are thoroughly loathsome creatures, and they're tied in with folks like Ralph Nader, Louis "I Didn't Order The Hit On Malcolm But He Deserved It, Didn't He?" Farrakhan, and Pat Buchanan, who of course never met a member of the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel he didn't like and admire.

Sometimes separating the art from the artist is quite difficult sometimes. I recall a trip to Austria where we walked by the house Herbert Von Karajan was born, and I was going "Cool, my favorite conductor was born here" (OK, no lectures on conductors. I was younger then and was just beginning to explore classical music). Then I remembered who Von Karajan worked for in the 30s and 40s. And of course, one doesn't need to go very far in popular music to find examples of musicians who you really like who shoot their mouths off in ways that make any reasonable family-oriented person's skin crawl. I don't suppose I'll stop enjoying the Sopranos any more than I'll get rid of the parts of my music and media collection that have talented dunderheads entertaining me. I suppose I could live with most of the revenue being siphoned off by media conglomerates with the ethics of tapeworms, but one has to consider if we really are validating in some way the crap that these entertainers believe and associate with it, and if our hard-earned bucks are going into the pockets of someone like a Leonora Fulani.

Dominic, he who lies with dogs wakes up with fleas.

Oh, and Ralph? The Corvair was a great car.


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