Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Lesser Rants

The convention is on, and hardly newsworthy judging by the caliber of the stories in the New York papers. As always, it's interesting to see the vox populi as slanted by each editorial page, the Times ("Women, Blacks Most Affected") being a very interesting example of how to promote your agenda, where the few Republican writers published are foaming at the mouth types saying a courteous "Fuck you" to New York, and the majority of the letters are from introspective pipe smoking academics or protesting grandmotherly types tsk-tsking the divisive rhetoric. And why is this night different than any other night? It just reinforces my position that these conventions are the biggest potlatch out there, and that the pretense of covering it in the media is just a way to fill airtime. Everything is scripted, there are no surprises at these affairs, and it's the general public who's impacted while a bunch of delegates whose only purpose is to rah-rah show up, wave their idiotic signs, then try and hit every bar in town before last call. Small suggestion - turn the thing into a one day affair. Nominate in the AM, speechify in the afternoon, candidate accepts in the early evening, everybody parties till dawn, then they all blow town. Even better, do it virtually, and send the delegates vouchers for the bar at their local Applebees. Oh well, at least McCain did zing that fat slob.....

Gotta love those French hostages pleading with Uncle Jacques to lift the ban on the head scarf, because their necks are at stake. That's French courage and valor for you. You have to contrast that with Fabrizio Quattrocchi, the Italian who was murdered by these slobs. Mr. Quattocchi defied his murderers with "I’m going to show you how an Italian dies." This man was a real hero who wouldn't give into these vile murderers.

Yesterday's commentary about Gandhi got me thinking that indeed Gandhi wouldn't have been adverse to collaborating in some way with the Nazis. Gandhi had one agenda, and that was to get the British out of India. Under the presumption of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", it's not inconceivable; that's the way things work in that part of the world. Gandhi could've naively assumed that since the German symbol was a swastika (a benign symbol of good luck in India, as I've pointed out before) they couldn't have been all bad. I assume that in the course of Gandhi's canonization a lot of potentially controversial material about those times has been buried....


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