Friday, August 27, 2004


Oh, THAT guy....

All of the nice platitudes are starting to come down from work about coping with your fears during the Republican convention while excelling at your job. Lots of nice little PDF files telling you to limit your intake of news, visit Grandma, get plenty of rest and eat healthy are coming down in e-mail, along with a "How To Prepare A Family Emergency Kit" file. Just the thing to calm you down, when every anarchist in the country is heading for Penn Station, and who knows what has been staged in certain neighborhoods with a locus on Atlantic Avenue and Court Street (sometimes a bit of paranoia isn't a bad thing, when it comes to bad guys). And of course the convention itself, another useless exercise in self-indulgence and partying that isn't going to convince anyone one way or the other. It'll end up costing nine figures to put this nonsense on, which could buy a heck of a lot of media placements that might actually convince the bovine masses. Reminds me of the old joke that Zayde used to tell about how the Jews observed Christmas in the Old Country; when the inevitable quizzical reaction had passed, he'd come back with "We'd hide in the basement until it was over".

A cute thread on one of my favorite boards decided to skewer Esteban, the TV shopping guy who pitches his self-branded guitars and instruction courses. A quick perusal of Esteban's web site reveals that he was "given" his name by Segovia (which Segovia, Irving?), and various other bits of ephemera that are profoundly uninteresting. He hawks not only his guitars on the site, including his high-end acoustic-electric with an amplifier (one evening I caught this guy hawking this combo on TV, and it was hilarious as he showed that the amp was not only capable of clean sounds but distortion as well; the sound was horrid, and his attempt at a Hendrix-like cadenza was pretty lame for a guy who obviously does have a fair command of the instrument). His CDs include lots of covers, which must clobber his profit margin (I wonder if he's paying the statutory rate, or he got a deal from the Harry Fox Agency on the licenses?). The Zorro get-up ups the cheese factor, and he isn't exactly a threat to Martin or Taylor. For some reason I think of him as the spiritual successor to the Kelly Family, who hawked their Europop tripe for years on their infomercials (they've sold more records than Slim Whitman!) Ahh, but for the days when you'd get a really good cheesy pitch on TV, my favorite being the toupee guy "Hard to believe I'm wearing a hairpiece?" "I wouldn't lie to you for a very good reason, I'm the president of the company". Apparently said toupee guy was the inspiration for Morrie in "Goodfellas", and the real guy ended up just like Morrie....

And from our sharia-friendly neighbors to the north, we find that MP Carolyn Parrish has shot her mouth off again and called Americans "idiots". She's just symptomatic of the idiocy there; remember they don't have a Bill Of Rights, and that there were plenty of Quebecois Francais who wore swastikas as a sign of support (hey, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, according to them). Canada, where they're so brave they have to boo schoolkids, yet they meekly acquiesce to every idiot wearing a hijab or keffiyah, be it at Immigration or at town hall. And wonder of wonders, the local Clouseau constabulary found explosives in a van in Montreal, anyone want to take bets on its origin or intended target?

Finally, as long as we're talking about the lack of ethics of Francophones, check this beaut out. Must've been the Knights Templar or something. Couldn't be at the behest of the Quai D'Orsay or the Elysee Palace, not those fine folks.


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