Monday, August 30, 2004


Quel est bon pour l'oie est bon pour le jars

Yesterday's Sulzberger Personal Hygiene and Bird Cage Liner-Picayune reports that, mon Dieu, French reporters are being taken hostage in Iraq. The interesting thing about this is that the regulation against the hijab and other religious garb is probably pretty sound from a lot of perspectives, les Francais trying to promote the old melting pot concept, you see. The French themselves are mostly irreligious (although I was somewhat pleased to see that Notre Dame was expecting big crowds one year when I was there during Easter Week), but they've yet to get the concept through their heads that if they paid living wages to people who have to do the dirty jobs they wouldn't need to import scutworkers from pesthole countries that seem to specialize in export of civil unrest.

You just have to love the way the blandmedia reports France's reactions:
In a televised address, Chirac appealed to the kidnappers to release the pair, but did not directly respond to their reported demand that the ban on head scarves be overturned.

Appealed. Uh, yeah. How about "Hand them over in one hour or the Mirages will bring death and destruction". That they understand....

Quoth Raffarin:
"From the first day, everything, let me repeat it, everything, has been done to obtain their release. The government is totally mobilized."

Quoth de Villepin:
"France is the country of the French revolution, of human rights" "France has never stopped fighting for the freedom of all, for tolerance and the respect of the human being" "The French people as a whole, all origins and religions together, are together behind our compatriots Christian and Georges. Together we demand that they be set free."

Oooh. An actual demand. Backed up by exactly what, Dominique? The only thing these characters understand is that the entity with the power and will to exact painful retribution gets its way.

And in the big town, local ambassadors for the Religion of Peace(tm, spit, feh) were planning bomb attacks on subway stations, police facilities and the Verrazano Bridge. The money quotes from the article:

Although one high-ranking police official said the men were not linked to Al Qaeda or any known terrorist group, he said they were nonetheless representative of disenfranchised young Muslim men in the city who had become more radical by listening to sermons preaching jihad.

The official said such men were as capable of violence as organized terrorist groups. "What we have to be looking for is an organized attack like 9/11, but also disenfranchised people who are equally capable of committing violent acts," the official said, citing the Egyptian immigrant who shot and killed two people at an El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport in 2002 and the English teacher from Gaza who went on a shooting rampage on the Empire State Building observation deck in 1997, killing a Danish tourist and wounding six other people. The man left behind a letter revealing his seething anger at the treatment of Palestinians by the United States, Israel and other countries.

Note the repeated use of the word disenfranchised, an adjective meaning "deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote". According to the article, these charmers are not yet citizens. The families of course wail and ululate that their scions are innocent of these charges (you did hide the dynamite behind the drywall in the laundry room, didn't you Abdul?) , and interestingly enough at least one of the families is here on the basis of political asylum, no less. The problem of fellow travelers and lone wolves is likely to grow exponentially, and one of these days a resource-constrained law enforcement agency might miss some of these characters. Thank heavens we have the NYPD. These good guys set the gold standard for what a police force should be (Bruce Springsteen's opinions notwithstanding). They find these slobs coming out of the woodwork. Is it any wonder cops from all over the world come to study the NYPD (and scarily enough, does any cop come from a country where the Religion Of Peace [tm, spit, feh] has an established footprint?).

The current grandstanding by Gandhi's grandson with his Paleostinian pals needs a reminder of some of the things dear old Granddad said (courtesy of Israpundit):

"I am as certain...that the stoniest German heart will melt [if only the Jews] adopt active non-violence. Human nature...unfailingly responds to the advances of love. I do not despair of his [Hitler's] responding to human suffering even though caused by him."

Gandhi also advised the Jews of Europe to commit mass suicide, as our forefathers were forced to do at Masada: "Hitler killed five million [sic] Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time. But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs." Louis Fisher, Gandhi's biographer asked him: "You mean that the Jews should have committed collective suicide?" Gandhi responded, "Yes, that would have been heroism."

Harry Turtledove once did one of his alternate history stories about what would have happened with a Nazi-occupied India, and the awakening Gandhi would have had at the last few moments before he got a "noodle" (German slang for a bullet). Well worth reading for anyone who may still inspired by Gandhi. As anyone who ever saw "City On The Edge Of Forever" can tell you, peace punditry is a very dangerous pursuit.


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