Monday, August 09, 2004


Taking A Few Days Off

Heading out of town with the family for a few days' R&R. Good to get away from a computer for a while (atlhough as a news junkie, I'll probably feel withdrawl for a couple of days).

Since it wouldn't be fair to leave without just a minor rant, I've analyzed the last month's spam, and the following parametric statistics may be of amusement:

See the pattern here? The bad guys are hosted by ISPs in countries that simply do not care about intellectual property rights. Spamhaus has 75 Hanaro hosted domains listed in its real-time blacklist. Chinanet has so many subdomains listed on Spamhaus it'll take way too much time to total them up.

I think it's time to request my ISP to block ASNs 9318, 4134 and 4813 at least. That's the nice thing about BGP. So much easier to implement policy at the macro level....

I should be back on Friday or Saturday with more trenchant commentary. Have a great week!


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