Wednesday, August 25, 2004


That Wasn't Chicken....

Some minor deities at Respected Employer have designated today as Chinese Fire Drill Day, so a very short post this morning as a consequence.

Two Tupolevs going down nearly simultaneously? Despite my long-held conviction that Tupolevs are dangerous crates and that I wouldn't get on one even if I was going to receive an astronomical amount of money, this one stinks to high heaven. About ten years ago, a buddy of mine from the FSU (Former Soviet Union) constantly fretted about the Chechens, saying to mostly deaf ears that these people were crazy mofos and that they were aligned with some seriously bad actors; his opinion was that they would start exporting and partnering sooner than later. Odds are that this one will be whitewashed in the same manner as the Egypt Air attack.

The latest on l'affaire Gibson is that pictures and inventory seem to be disappearing, reappearing, then disappearing again from various online sellers. Apparently there's significant pushback from the dealer community; my local Gibson dealer, who despite loving the guitars for both playing and profit, admits that they have "issues" with the company (in the sense of Paulie Walnuts' issues?)


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