Monday, August 02, 2004


Vacation, ahh relaxation....

Light posting today, since je suis en vacance.

I finally got the Phil Keaggy DVD I mentioned a few weeks back. Great stuff. He's does some incredibly work setting up beats (just by tapping on his acoustic and singing into the pickup) then playing loops into his delay line and soloing over them. A very heartfelt performance, the real highlights are Salvation Army Band, True Believers and John The Revelator (he did a very Cream-like version of the latter on his Crimson and Blue album; another good version was done by Gov't Mule on their live DVD set). Nice extras on the set, a look at Phil in the studio (with a neat little Hendrix-flavored piece), some interviews with friends, and a concert commentary on an alternate audio track. Highly recommended, even if it's not your theological bag. You can pick it up at Phil's web shop.

Well, the numbers are in, and Thunderbirds as predicted is royally bombing at the box office. Since some critics were suggesting that the acting in the film was on a par with Adam West and Bill Shatner's, and cognizant of the need to tie in with franchises that have legs, I present the following images courtesy of the lunatics at Fark:


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