Saturday, September 18, 2004


Absolutely No Value Added In This Post

Well, I'm somehwat disappointed that Dick Clark didn't show the Giant Matzoh Ball dropping on Wednesday evening. I think he got the zmanim wrong (that's an in-joke, son). Back to our normal round of skewering today...

The good stuff first - I took the kiddies to see Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow last night, and apart from the insane prices at the theater for admission and refreshments (note to Loew's - find some primate that can actually serve the popcorn and sodas at a rate greater than one every six minutes; this isn't exactly rocket science), we had a blast. I've always been a sucker for old serial-type movies, I must've paid to see Raiders Of The Lost Ark four or five times when it came out, and I religiously watched Flash Gordon chapters shown by a local PBS station. Great art deco vision of New York in the '30s, although the movie totally avoids mention of certain real life villains of the time frame (although interestingly enough the name of the villain is Dr. Totenkopf, which translates as Death's Head, and of course was the name of the murder squads of said real life villains). Lots of real cool allusions to Buck Rogers, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and even Operation Crossbow and Captain Scarlet of all things. Suitably cheesy acting from Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow, and wonderful CGI (you know, they did pretty darn good considering all of the backgrounds were generated through CGI and they had to react to stuff they couldn't see). Lots of fun, and recommended.

I had hoped that the Olsen twins would gracefully fade into obscurity upon their attaining majority, however, they're still managing to annoy people through the injudicious use of publicists and wo es rauch gibt, den es feuer gibt behavior. The latest news item planted on their behalf finds them hawking Happy Meals for Chez McDonald's in Chiracistan. I understand that Mary Kate will be pushing Le Grande Froid Sirop de Ipecac as the healthy alternative to Coca Cola.

Mrs. Kerry made a lovely little point about hurricane relief the other day, saying that kids should go naked while other priorities were sorted out, such as water and food. Anyone who does disaster work will of course tell you that things like clean water, food, water and shelter are priorities in that situation, and that people can live for a bit in dirty clothes. However, there's something awfully dismissive and heartless about the way she phrased this. After seeing those poor kids in Beslan, I'm appalled at the way she can so casually use that terminology. Every time she opens her mouth reminds me a lot of this....

In a stunning example of the continued irrelevance of Rolling Stone magazine, they've traced rock music's origin to none other than Elvis Presley. Never mind folks like Little Richard, Bo Diddley, and the early doo-woppers like the original Drifters (Clyde McPhatter's lineup). Presley in a lot of ways was a musical dead end, and if you really look at what were the foundations of rock, you'd see the aforementioned Messrs. Penniman and McDaniel, along with Mr. Berry and Mr. Holly at the top of the list.

The NY Daily News reports that black activists were demonstrating at the magazine's offices yesterday, calling for "reparations". OK, we all know that most of those guys got royally screwed, and that there was no way that Morris Levy co-wrote "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" with Frankie Lymon (interesting reference to that on "The Sopranos"; Levy was a real gonif, and thought nothing of messing on other people's territory. Apparently he was the one behind the notorious "Alpha Omega" Beatles greatest hits bootleg, and forced John Lennon to record the "Rock and Roll" album because of Lennon's borrowing of the "flat top" line in "Come Together"). Needless to say, the second you hear the word "activist" the word "shakedown" comes to mind.

Brings up another interesting point, the vox populi as depicted in the Daily News. Most of the letters seem to either be in response to other letters, telling the original correspondents off in monosyllables, or complaining about the most parochial of matters. For some reason, WCBS-FM seems to big a big topic for correspondents to pick on, complaining that they no longer play their favorite musical distractions. Funny that people would choose this forum to complain about it, as I'm sure that the management of WCBS-FM doesn't give a rodent's hindquarters about what the Letters To The Editor page of the News says, only caring that they get their Arbitrons and keep their advertisers happy. Sorry guys. but the audience for doo-wop doesn't have the demographic that keeps ad rates high. WCBS-FM would change format to Slobbovian folk dances if it improved their ratings. Pitiful...


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