Thursday, September 02, 2004


Did Someone Call Me Schnorrer?

You might have noticed the Site Meter link at the bottom of this page. Nope, I'm not turning on advertising nor schnorring for tip money. I just want to see who's actually reading out there after three months of doing this. I'm basically a cheap so-and-so, and before I invest in my own domain and bandwidth (much less more time), I'll leverage the freebies as much as possible. After all, I do consulting in this space for a very large player in the game, and when I get my chance to blog, it's more about the rants than worrying about the templates, style sheets, PHP and all the arcana that I have to deal with during business hours. I won't be publishing any stats or other information from the counters, as it isn't going to add any value to the proceedings, and I won't violate anyone's privacy by identifying their domain or IP address (the thought of caveating this by saying I might make an exception if someone makes a complete Morlock out of himself is tempting, however, we'll just leave that decision for if and when something like that happens).

There's an awful lot of news coverage about l'affaire Bryant, instead of what is really hurting and appalling me, that horrid incident where the Chechens are holding school kids hostage. Who gives a rats ass if someone who dribbles a basketball for a living put his dipstick into a flaky skank, when innocent children are in mortal danger from thugs from the Religion Of Peace (tm, spit, feh)? What in heaven's name are people thinking, that the NBA matters more than innocent children? Such brave freedom fighters, threatening to kill fifty kids for each one of their worthless hides. You haven't seen an equation like that since Lidice. The problem with the media is that they don't want to call a spade a spade here. Parents were ready to storm the school to get their kids, and I understand that at least one father died attempting to save his child. People, one of these days they're going to pull this shit closer to home. It's not inconceivable that they're feeding information to their masters on how the proceedings are unfolding, and of course with their total amorality, they merely see themselves as actors and the kids as objects. I fear horribly for the kids, the Russians being a bit ham-handed in these matters (witness the aftermath of the Moscow theatre attack). It's an untenable position, but the only thing these vermin understand is the willingness to exact painful retribution. Not the pinprick of a house demolition or two. These folks have the right idea.


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