Monday, September 20, 2004



The beginnings of a nasty cold are laying me low today, and I'm not feeling very verbose. A quick look at who's reading shows an interesting mix, and I thank all of you who spend a few moments of your precious time reading these rants. Taking a look at who comes in randomly, I see that a lot of searches come from people interested in guitars, Bugs Bunny, and various New York ephemera. Once they come in, they usually hang around for a while perusing the other articles on the site, and I hope that they too will become regular readers.

For the entertainment value du jour, I humbly propose a pool for the readers on which event will happen first with the now-Mrs. Federline - birth of a child sometime less than nine months from now, amicable separation, or appearance in a men's magazine. My money is on the first, especially given her glowing appearance. My perception is that the other two scenarios will occur sometime within the next couple of years, and we're merely waiting on an implosion somewhere on the order of Dana Plato's. Odds will be posted as soon as I have some sort of probabilistic basis other than sheer gut prognostication.

I've been studiously avoiding commenting on Memogate for the simple reason of so many other bloggers having more time to devote to a quality analysis, but I must admit to a certain anticipatory delight in waiting for CBS' dance around this one. I never understood the perception of CBS as the most respected broadcast institution, other than the fact their coverage of the space program in its heyday had an excellent reputation. Funny enough, towards the end of Apollo, I perceived a major falloff in the quality of Uncle Walter's presentations in the coverage, and much preferred the other networks' coverage, even though Uncle Walter indeed occasionally managed to snag Werner von Braun himself for the show (and don't forget one thing about Uncle Werner; since he was a Junker, it was de rigeur for him to join the Allgemeine SS, quite voluntarily. The Allgemeine uniform of course was the notorious black threads).


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