Sunday, September 05, 2004


Murdering Blackguards

I noticed that Cantor Fitzgerald is suing Al Qaeda, a few Sand Flea princelings, and assorted other bad actors for damages caused on 9/11. Some friends of friends died up there that day, and from my all-too-close vantage point across the street I had to watch friends who used to work there become totally distraught over not only their friends, but dealing with the awful realization that they could have been up there as well. I heartily applaud Cantor for taking the action, but to be realistic about it, absolutely nothing will come of it. The Sand Fleas have an awful lot of long green to keep motions flying for decades, and even if there is a settlement or a verdict, Foggy Bottom will block it. If you doubt that, ask the Flatow family how collecting their judgment against terrorists is going. On top of it, Wall Street is a very small community, and I have little doubt that a certain Large Financial Services Conglomerate with heavy Sand Flea investment in it might try to put the arm on Cantor, directly or indirectly, to lay off.

C.J. Chivers and Steven Lee Myers are true representatives of the moral character of the Sulzberger Emergency Substitute For Personal Hygiene Products. Witness their phraseology in this recount of the aftermath of the terror attack at the school in Beslan:

Hours after the hostages streamed from the school, several fighters remained positioned on the school grounds and battled fiercely, indicating not only their suicidal determination but also a high degree of planning. "They showed up with crates and crates of ammunition," Mr. Ignatchenko said.

The violence, particularly as it involved children, induced vigilantism. There were reports of angry Ossetians attacking captured guerrillas. A man believed to be one of the fighters made his way to an alley near the school and hid under an army truck before being captured by Russian soldiers during the fighting. A crowd then set upon the man and beat him, tearing at his clothes, while the soldiers tried to shuffle him away.

"Everybody tried to beat him," said Khariton Valiyev, 58, who was in the crowd. People wanted to tear him to pieces. I myself would have pulled his eyes from his head with my fingers."

That fighter's fate was not known.

The word "fighter" is used repeatedly. The word "guerilla" is used once. The word "fighter" carries with it a certain air of honor, something clearly not present here. The word "guerilla" has a certain moral neutrality about it that doesn't address what this attack was, that being cold-blooded murder. Can't those idiots at the Times abandon their political correctness for one goddamned article to call a spade a spade?

Mr. Valiyev at least had the right sentiment. I trust that the quote unquote fighter's disposition involved at least one pork product applied to his person, and that the method of disposal approximated that used by his goombas in Neka.

Courtesy of Logic and Sanity, note the following translated reports from Russian news about the atrocities committed by the vermin:

- According to hostages, on the last day of the siege the terrorists did not allow anyone to use the bathroom.
- Some children ate plants that were in the building, because they were so hungry.
- Some children drank their urine, because of thirst.
- According to one of the hostages terrorists raped some older students.
- One hostage is saying that one of the terrorists was "nice", he sat quietly reading Koran and had a beard. "When I asked him if we'll be freed, he said: I don't know guys, I am not in the know".
- Terrorists had a cellphone and would regularly report to someone on the outside.
- Terrorists told children that the tap water was poisoned.
- When the hostages tried to escape as the storming took place they were shot in the back, one of the hostages claims that one of the terrorists who was shooting was smiling as the children were falling.

I sincerely doubt that any of these details will be widely reported. All I can say is that someone had better hit these swine back hard, and damned soon. Seeing the kids coming out in that disheveled condition made me suspect the third point, but my civilized and logical nature refused to let me consider that possibility. I'm heartsick thinking about everything those kids went through after reading this. And what scares me is point five. More and more this is smelling like a learning exercise.

I have a touch of vitriol reserved for Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot (gotta love the name, though) for his idiotic commentary on the issue. I'll simply request that he smoke some Gouda instead of hitting the brown cafes in Amsterdam.


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