Wednesday, September 29, 2004


RIP Scott Muni

The dean of New York's disk jockeys passed away today. His career began as an archetypical fast talking Top 40 DJ, but he was best known as the backbone of the legendary and unfortunately departed progressive (I refuse to call it classic, because for its time, it was progressive) rock station WNEW-FM. Muni's measured, gravelly voice was a familiar sound until recently on New York's Q104.3, when a stroke incapacitated him. Muni's rapport led him to lasting friendships with rock's vanguard, including the Beatles. The radio interaction with musicians went from "What did you have for lunch?" to deeper sessions lasting hours where we could hear our favorite artists talking about what really interested them and what they were listening to. Most of all, Scott Muni kept the flames of the greatest rock music burning bright in an era when radio is more concerned with the demographic rather than the content.


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