Sunday, October 03, 2004


Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.

Pet peeve du jour is people who don't leave feedback on eBay. Case in point, as a rule, when selling something, I generally leave positive feedback when the buyer pays; my logic being that he's fulfilled his or her obligation to me on a timely basis, so I can say it's been good from my perspective. I sold a couple of items on the Bay recently, both relatively low value (<$25), and both buyers paid me on a timely basis, so I left them positive feedback. Delivery confirmation showed they got their items, and guess what, no return feedback from them. Both had 100% positives in their feedback profile, but I decided to look a bit more closely at it. One had less than 20 positives, but has been on the Bay for three years, the other had several hundred positives. The low-feedbacker obviously goes on the Bay irregularly, and I suppose by the time he gets back to it he won't be able to leave feedback any longer for it. The high feedback guy is more interesting. He's left precisely three feedbacks for sellers. Lesson learned, really check the feedback profile before leaving it. Guys like this won't get positives until they leave one for me in the future.

One minor help request for the readership - I'm looking for any format (audio or video) of an Earl Scheib commercial. I want the bit where he goes "I'll paint any car for just $99.95". Needless to say there will be some corporate Powerpoint hilarity associated with same, so if perchance you do have or can find one of these bits, you will contribute mightily toward making an already absurd corporate meeting completely insane. Yes, I already tried Google (and for crying out loud, if I can find Sandy Becker doing a John's Bargain Stores commercial, surely I can find one stinking Earl Scheib ad)

Today's a Get A Life Day, so I'm spending the rest of the day chilling out and doing various fun things. Even a curmudgeon needs mellowing....


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