Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Insert Aphorism, Maxim or Other Pithy Quote Here

Cool site du jour is Buzzwhack, which will provide nearly every management buzzword or phrase definition you need to successfully cut through the bullshit any management consultant spouts or to set up Bullshit Bingo cards. Interestingly enough they missed "running out of runway", the current office favorite for projects that are seriously in danger of missing deadlines.

Apparently Arafat has endorsed Kerry. Oh well, you're known by the company you keep. Speaking of Lurch, a comment from Pournelle could mean a lot of different things:
He continues to act as if his family background is Irish Catholic, which is an odd thing to pretend

Whenever Pournelle comes out with a comment like this combined with his comments about neo-Jacobins (and his unflattering comments about David Frum) I wonder if he's really all that free of prejudice.

Good news on the CWShredder front. Merijn has let InterMute take over development and distribution of CWShredder, and an updated version (2.0) that takes care of some of the newer and nastier variants is available here. InterMute apparently will incorporate CWShredder's functionality into its own products, but will continue to offer CWShredder as a free download.


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