Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Random Skewers

Nothing blatantly obvious in the poll form code that explains the excessive breaks, at least based on cursory inspection. I'll dig further later today when I have more patience.

Freedom To Tinker has a great post on how the Department of Justice is putting resources into tracking down Susie Sweater downloading the latest Hoobastank (or whatever the hell it's called) while ignoring little things like guys named Abdul asking about chemicals with suffixes like nitrate and perchlorate. Your tax dollars at work. You know, I'm going to vote for W. But there's some entirely scary shit going down in this government where political correctness or expediency is ignoring some potential bad actors in favor of strutting like Heydrich in front of some teenagers who are sending a message to the entertainment industry. Urrrgh.

Mrs. Federline avers that she is going to take some time off to recharge her batteries. Look for stock in DSP companies to drop. That girl needs more signal processing power than a Navy sub to make her sound remotely good (and why is it that every freaking track she records she sounds like she's on a telephone? Yeah, we know she phones her performances in, but wouldn't it be nice if there was some real room ambience on the record?)

Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, we find this unsurprising example of French tolerance and ecumenism. Money quote:
RFI President Antoine Schwarz said Menargues will stay with the station in a position to be announced in the near future.

One could conceivably hope for the job description to include toilet cleaning and testing of orifice plugs used in lower digestive barium x-rays, however, knowing the French mentality, he'll probably be promoted. All together now, "Les Francais Sont Cochons".

Pet peeve du jour is people who say "outsourcing" when they mean "offshoring". "Outsourcing" means transferring job function to another company, frequently implemented by just making all of their IT, HR, etc. employees part of the outsourcing company. "Offshoring" is shipping the jobs to sunnier climes. You can of course outsource without offshoring, or conversely, there are loads of employees of Major Banks sitting in Bangalore and Hyderabad who aren't outsourced at all. Someone please give politicians a clue. I've taken to answering my phone at work with a "Yes, please, hello this is Sanjay". I took up this practice because of a story I read in Paul Brickhill's "The Great Escape", where one of the Allied officers got everyone to call him "Axel" so that he could get used to responding to it. The very air abounds with cynicism today here at Schloss Scheisse......


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