Thursday, October 28, 2004


Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go, it's pretty damn good

Congratulations to the Red Sox on their World Series win. An awesome team this year, with a lot of heart. Boston fans have a lot to be proud of.

The Yankees will own them next year :-)

And in the past few hours' news, we notice that my least favorite Husseini nephew will be moved to a hospital. Nothing trivial I hope. And I do so hope that before the bastard croaks they line up every single embarassing and painful medical test for him that those savages actually know how to do.

A bit of deductive reasoning combined with throwing caution to the wind has at least partially solved some of the DVD burning issues on the High Altar. It seems that the DVD burner in the High Altar is reported as an HP DVD Writer 200j, a device that for some reason HP steadfastly refuses to acknowledge exists. Considering the lineage of this computer, that's a bit surprising, but there was a firmware update up on their support site for a 200i. Now seeing as how my eyes haven't totally gone kerflooey at this point, I still think I can tell the difference between an 'i' and a 'j'. I'm normally loath to experiment with applying patches to something unless I've had anecdotal evidence that it works (being bleeding edge can be very unhealthy in my line of work), but seeing as how I just couldn't get a DVD to burn period yesterday, it was either try the firmware upgrade or spring for the new drive. Being a cheapskate by nature, I figured that in the worst event if the firmware upgrade failed I could always get an external burner and recover that way, but a bit of information nicely hidden on the support page at HP gave me some hope. Sho 'nuff, the upgrade said it was for the DVD Writer 200 series, not just specifically for an 'i', 'j' or whatever. I nervously applied the upgrade, all the while timing things carefully, as the upgrade said if it stops for more than a minute to reboot the computer and (hopefully) it would continue after reboot. The firmware downloaded without incident after a couple of nervous minutes, and the box had to be cold reset to get the system to recognize the upgraded drive. I power-cycled the box, and it came up without incident. I then burned a DVD using Pinnacle, and it burned faster and less problematically than the last few times. Next test will be to see if this resolves the DVDXCopy problems.

The Proprietor's simple maxim: Trust of any computer hardware and software vendor without knowing that any upgrade works and has been tested to a fare-thee-well is a silly and superfluous weakness. Doveryay, no proveryay (with apologies to my friend Sasha).

A humorous perspective on offshoring here. Naughty words, so beware at work or use headphones.


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