Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Shizzle My Tuchis

Courtesy of Little Green Footballs, we have this howler about Sean Combs (I refuse to call him by those inane monikers he dubs himself seemingly every few months) claiming total mobilization of the hip-hop generation for democratic change. Actually a fascinating read, in that it's an example of the blatant self-promotion that the so-called celebrities of this day engage in. A rather interesting related anecdote came from a friend of mine, where he attended a focus group several years ago on DEC's product line. When asked his opinion of DEC, my friend responded "Zsa Zsa Gabor". This intrigued the facilitator, who asked why. My friend responded simply, "Name a movie that Zsa Zsa Gabor was in". After much fumfering in the room someone chimed in, "Oh, that crummy science fiction movie" (he apparently mean "Queen Of Outer Space") and the room agreed unanimously. My friend's point was that DEC, like Zsa Zsa, was known far more by reputation than for actual works, and likewise with Mr. Combs, an expert at appearing in the gossip columns, tabloids, and other rags to promote his latest incarnation of whatever the tastemakers (read as Mr. Combs) in the hip-hop community have decreed as the latest must-have fashion, trend or other short-lived mania. While I'll admit my total lack of interest in whatever drivel he produces, I doubt that anyone can cite any truly long-lasting art or cultural contribution of this gentleman. Mr. Combs has apparently been convicted of some offense and as such may not even be a candidate to vote, depending upon what state he may actually reside in (I'd sincerely doubt his urban credentials would be accepted if it turned out his voting registration if any turned out to be in Bernardsville or Muttontown). Mr. Combs is one of those people who I wish would simply go away, or at least confine his self-promotion to venues where it doesn't reach my consciousness.

The truly sad thing about it is that while his motives are undoubtedly self-promotion and other forms of aggrandizement, it's a very good thing to get people to vote, although unfortunately there would more than likely be considerable pressure or manipulation applied to Vote For The Democrat in this particular context. Voter registration efforts are designed to take good and sufficient advantage of people's innate gratitude for some form of facilitation to put the bite on them for a vote (although there are a few characters who will hit up the precinct captains and their minions for rides and such and proceed to vote for their opposition; my cynical sense highly applauds this because of my intense dislike for political operatives of any sort). It's interesting at times like this to get the phone calls from various organizations that nominally have no stake in the election's outcome to shill for their (usually Democratic) candidate. Although the Republicans have pulled a couple of goodies as well - I remember getting a call trying to put the bite on me for a few bucks for the alleged privilege of hearing a special message from Newt Gingrich. Now, I happen to like Mr. Gingrich, but there is no farking way I'm going to pay to hear a politician. I'm somehow reminded of a funny bit in Mad many eons ago about building a better mousetrap, and there was a trap designed for the civic-minded mouse which would entice him into a political meeting, where the only available seat was directly in front of the "squeaker" (Michael Q. Rodent was the politician's name; I wish I understood the reference to who they were zinging), and the mouse would be killed by the blast of hot air coming from the politician.


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