Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Short Shrift Today

Errands and administrivia are taking up the day, so I'll be brief.

This eBay auction has got to be either a practical joke or an account hijacking. Consider this, it's listed on eBay's UK site when the guy supposedly lives in Connecticut, not one picture posted with the auction, no COA, and Brian May himself laughs the thing off on his website. If it's a hijacking it's fortunate that the insertion fee is only $4.80, but this actually brings up an interesting point about eBay. Supposedly there are limits in place that are undisclosed for security reasons that put limits on buying and selling for Joe User. Understandable, and if you supposedly pass certain criteria the limits are increased for certain transactions. This clod is listing two pieces at a starting price just below $1M, and eBay lets this thing slide? Also, notice the payment methods, Bidpay (which of course has a $700 limit), and US Postal Money Orders (I'm sure you're going to walk into your local post office and get $1M worth of money orders and not attract attention from the Gomer Gestapo).

Nice job by Cheney in the debate last night. The man impresses me more and more each time I hear him speak. Class act, too, especially with the crude way Edwards tried to put him on the spot with the reference to his daughter.

Till later....


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