Friday, October 15, 2004


Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

Speaking of frustrated architects, I think yesterday's post might've slightly invoked Godwin's Law or one of its corrolaries, so to make sure that doesn't happen again, I promise not to use the word "Gestapo" unless I am specifically referring to the Geheime Staatspolizeiamt for some reason in these discourses. Amazing how lefties will use terms relating to that regime to denigrate anything and everything that doesn't conform absolutely to their vision for the world.

That said, one of my favorite reads is, where various folk take on the Nigerian advance fee scammers. I'd always wondered why no one had yet assumed the identity of some of the more disreputable citizenry of Germany, however, this thread shows that there are other devious like-minded folk out there. Apparently, no one yet has taken on the identity of the late unlamented Adolf hisself (figuring that even with how stupid these characters are surely they would recognize that name) although there's talk of posing as one Adolf Schicklgruber to have some fun with their pets (and just as a note to the guys on that forum, his mother's maiden name was Klara Poltzl, sometimes spelled without the 't'; Schicklgruber is a family name from a couple of generations back). Oops, Godwin's Law again.....

There are some sea changes in the political landscape at Respected Employer, with two dear friends and colleagues announcing their departures. I've worked with both of these folks for ten years, and have nothing other than admiration and respect for them. Since one of these people is a Senior Resource (translation, a very comprehensive Rolodex) there will be considerable jockeying for that person's position and there might be some fallout in the process. I've learned to seriously hate politics of any variety, with office politics being the worst of all. Neither of these colleagues read these pages (at least to my knowledge), but buon viaggio, fratellos mio.

I would dearly like to sneak away and catch Team America today, as the combination of South Park humor and a Supermarionation tribute proves irresistible to my somewhat warped sensibility, but were I to do so on family time, undoubtedly the Mrs. would insist the young'uns accompany me (she apparently perceives Team America as a Gerry Anderson show clone), something I'm loath to do unless I've prescreened it in this case. There was a minor rumor floating around on one board I read that the next effort in this vein would take on the Beatles circa January 1969 (the Fabs in Supermarionation? Not unprecedented, consider The Shadows' turn in "Thunderbirds Are Go". No doubt about it, Gerry goofed that one big time. What a dreary coda to that wonderful series).


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