Thursday, October 07, 2004



So, Howard Stern has finally had enough of broadcasting and will move to satellite radio. Good friends who have satellite or have had the alleged privilege of hearing it on a trial basis have told me that it's entirely not worth the money. Howard's humor is very old hat at this point, and the show's entirely predictable (ranting, celebrity interview, lesbians, dregs of humanity, news). So Howard can drop an f-bomb on satellite? Big freaking deal. We all saw Private Parts already and got to hear him use a few naughty words. The constraint of having to keep his humor within FCC bounds makes him far funnier than he would be if he had the latitude to use whatever language struck his fancy (consider for example his one-time archrival Imus, who released a "comedy album" that dispensed with broadcast mandated proprieties which turned out to be one of the most spectacularly unfunny records ever made). The only part of Howard's show I can even stand to listen to at this point is the news, which has a spectacularly erratic airing time, usually falling right into the part of the morning where meetings and/or total focus are required of me, so it's an exercise in futility to even attempt to listen to it. I think the publicity will do well for Sirius, but as a money-making exercise, once the novelty wears off and the public demands more entertainment value I think it'll ultimately be a loser for them. It will probably be a graceful exit for Stern, whose considerable contributions to humor are fading to irrelevance. Kind of sad, really, seeing a great comedian fade out. You don't want to remember the Marx Brothers in Love Happy, right?

Today's actually a kind of thorny day, but not in a bad sense. Interesting multicast problem at Large Financial Services Conglomerate. Multiple vendor situation. Business guys screaming. Techies turning bald and getting flat foreheads. I might actually get my teeth into this one. Said Large Client isn't a bad place (they're an Immanent customer - check out the June and July archives for that saga) except for keycarding everything. OK, I can understand the machine rooms, IDFs and the building itself. The rest rooms, though??


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