Monday, October 04, 2004


We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.

Big meeting with Major Honcho of Major Investment and Retail Bank Empire today, so the nervous nellies known as the sales team are pounding us unmercifully with last minute changes to the Powerpoints. It would be wondrous if these impeccably dressed people with perfect teeth actually had a clue that at least two of the "changes" they've suggested have radically changed the meaning and import of the pitch to Major Honcho, committing us instead of to a normal insidious type of engagement (do a short term appetizer, then keep putting the hooks in for more and more work if they like it) to a short-term nightmare of "work late, bill eight", then hoping we get the big nut all at once. Part of the problem are the unreasonable sales goals we have at Respected Employer, where even people who are stone-cold techies who haven't left the MDF room in years have absurdly large sales quotas. One fellow who works with me, an SME on MSFT technologies, who's as much of a salesman as Kofi Annan is a crusader against terrorism and corruption, has been saddled with a seven figure sales quota. The interesting thing is that if everyone actually made their sales quota, we'd probably be generating somewhere around the GDP of a smaller member of NATO, something not bloody likely in this consulting environment. It's obvious that the sales quotas that have been instituted are an evil HR measure to keep performance assessments down, thus eliminating any justification for things like raises, bonuses or options. For your amusement, my sales quota is eight figures. Well over $10M. The funny thing is that these quotas can be manipulated like funny money, where if you even contributed minutely to a successful sale (i.e. participated in a conference call, or red-pencilled something) if the person in charge likes you you can get at least partial credit for the sale. The problem of course is making oneself accessible to this sort of thing, when there's real work to be done.

Quote du jour of absurdity from none other than the nephew of the Hitler-loving mufti:
PA Chairman Yasser Arafat claimed that the rockets that Israel is talking about haven't killed anyone. "They only make noise," he said.

Like one of these, ferinstance?

BTW, check out some of Point 39 Productions' high power model rocket videos for some awesome action, including some CATOs of Very Large Motors for those with a more cynical view of things....


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