Saturday, October 23, 2004


Wit, Witticisms And Obscurities

Folies Francais Du Jour - Via Little Green Footballs, a French legislator came out with this howler in regard to compulsory foreign language curricula for French schools:

"English is the most-spoken language today, but that won't last."
"If we must make a language compulsory, it should be Arabic," he said.

Koos emak Aravi.

And just to rub a bit of sel in la blessure, si ce n'était pas pour les Américains vous parleriez l'Allemand.

World Net Daily had a lovely little one yesterday about a Presbyterian elder showing his ecumenical position (which seems to be bending over as long as it's a terrorist on the other end, and you just know they aren't going to give him a reach-around as a courtesy). Quoth the article:

Three top church officials responded Wednesday, stating, "The visit to Hezbollah and the comments on that occasion by members of this Presbyterian group do not reflect the official position of the Presbyterian Church."

Notice how the "top officials" weren't named. As far as the elder goes, shouldn't there be some prosecution here for aiding and abetting enemies of the United States by providing propaganda?

My irascible streak seems to have gotten the better of me....


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