Saturday, October 30, 2004


You can never get silence anywhere nowadays, have you noticed?

Today's a busy day at Schloss Schadenfreude, we've got an overnight guest until Sunday, an old buddy of mine happens to be in the neighborhood and we're getting together, and I've got my usual Saturday tasks to keep me sane and busy, so not really a lot to talk about today.

The CD du jour is Neal Morse's new release, "One". I haven't dug into the main album yet, but the bonus CD had a couple of tracks on there I was really anxious to hear. Morse does some pretty cool covers (especially the Beatle-related ones) on various projects (Transatlantic's Abbey Road medley as well as it's Strawberry Fields cover are favorites of mine, and his Yellow Matter Custard Beatles cover project has been discussed previously in these pages). The bonus disc covers George Harrison's "What Is Life" beautifully with the added bonus of Phil Keaggy playing and singing on the track. I suppose Badfinger qualifies as Beatle-related, and there's a great cover of "Day After Day" (Keaggy did a great cover of "Baby Blue" on Crimson and Blue, or was it just Blue - I can't make sense out of what they did with that album; IMHO, Keaggy's version beats Badfinger's by a country mile). A dandy cover of "Where The Streets Have No Name" follows, a bit unusual to hear a U2 cover, and it's very close to the original, but it works in the context of the CD. The covers finish up with "I'm Free" segued into "Sparks", the former not being one of my favorites from "Tommy", but the latter works quite well. I would've liked to have heard this lineup tackle "Overture", "Eyesight To The Blind", "Pinball Wizard" and "We're Not Gonna Take It", but I guess that's an exercise in wishful thinking ("The Seeker" would've been cool also....). Great guitar work from Morse and Keaggy on this record so far....

One will probably be reviewed by me on Monday. Just as a note, you can't get the special edition of One on Amazon, it's only available from Radiant Records (Neal's label). Throw some support to labels like Radiant that are putting out great music in the classic/prog rock tradition instead of the Ritchie/Federline/Simpson Axis. Also queued for review is Salem Hill's "Be" which came highly recommended from a couple of sources.

The current CD playlist includes Jellyfish's "Bellybutton" and "Spilt Milk". Cool stuff, sounds like a cross between Queen, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Finally, the howler of the day, courtesy of Beat Gear Cavern:

This review by David Germain of the Associated Press on the new "biopic", as they say in Hollywood, of Ray Charles:

"Charles was able to view a cut of the film shortly before he died."

Uh, yeah.....


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