Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Assorted ramblings

It's the typical hurry up and wait situation, as a new gig is supposed to be starting next week at a Respected New Client, where of course nobody bothered to actually look at a calendar and see that it's a short week and likely people who have answers to questions that will be asked within an hour of starting will be either on the slopes or in the Carribean. Could be worse. Someone could walk in with an RFP. That always sets off a lovely Chinese Fire Drill. Still much HR nonsense to deal with.

Had a chance to play with a real Pro Tools system last night, and I have to say that I was mightily impressed with the power of the thing. Truth be told, for a bedroom hacker (musically speaking, of course) like myself a DAW is much easier to deal with. Unless you're going for the whole shebang with Pro Tools and can interface it with a digital control surface, it's tough to deal with in the mixdown stage. I've played with the free version of Pro Tools and got some good results out of it, but for all of the failings of the Roland VS series (at least on my cockamamie unit, little things like inputs working when you set levels, but when you arm the track for recording they mysteriously stop working; or a track that records just dandy during the initial session but when you want to punch in a note or phrase, something funky goes on with the signal routing and you can't hear parts...) they're just a bit easier to deal with.


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