Sunday, November 21, 2004


Bromelaine Residences and Absorbency

As promised, took the youg'uns to see the Sponge Bob movie yesterday. Other than finding the show we wanted to attend sold out (hey, it was a rainy day) I presciently bought tickets for the next show before returning home with the disappointed brood, but two hours later we piled right back into the car and headed back to the multiplex. As we walked in I noticed that our show was indeed sold out and I saw several frustrated parents taking their upset little ones to the mall or some alternative amusement trying to explain the concept of "sold out". Other than a particularly indecisive patron in front of me in the candy counter queue (whose dithering ended up causing us to obtain seating in the second row) even that wasn't such a horrid experience (other than sticker shock, of course).

As to the movie, it's essentially one long not particularly good Sponge Bob episode. The best episodes of Sponge Bob center on how he manages to screw up the Krusty Krab and drive Squidward nuts, yet the film itself has precious little Squidward in it, and Mr. Krabs is relegated to an icicle (for being set up by Plankton for a serious crime) for most of the movie. Plankton and his computer wife are pretty funny, but it's kind of dragging out a one-note joke for eighty plus minutes. The live action bit with David Hasselhof is cute, but wears thin quickly. For some reason this reminds me a bit of the first feature film based on McHale's Navy (I'll discount "...Joins The Air Force" and the more current film of that name, which of course had nothing to do with the classic sitcom). The feature film had to introduce outside stuff (Cluadine Longet and the whole New Caledonia bit) and drag the plot out as well (the bit with the horse could've easily fit into a single half hour show), not to mention giving short shrift to certain characters (Joe Flynn). Although of course we did get several "Oy Vey"s and "Mamma Mia"s from Yoshio Yoda, something which I find hysterical in these days of political correctness.


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