Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Cream reunion?

Billboard magazine has an item claiming that a Cream reunion is in the works. The article claims rehearsals will begin in January, preparing for a week's worth of shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

Like every other red-blooded classic rock fan this news set my Pavlovian reflex to High Drool, but I think this should be taken cum grano salis. Clapton's spokesperson had no comment on the story, and Jack Bruce has been seriously ill. Cream did reunite once for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, but I recall that performance as very cautious and aloof, not like the wild Cream shows of legend. Another point to bear in mind is Sir George Martin's comment about the possibility of a certain other legendary band potentially reuniting, "You can't reheat a souffle".

Still, if it comes off, I'd love to see it. I somehow doubt that EC will be playing a Gibson through a huge Marshall backline, but on the assumption it does come off it'll make a dandy concert DVD (something to replace the wretched "Farewell Concert", hmm?)

Cream's legendary status is such that it inspires one of the few put-downs of Clapton heard - "What's the difference between Eric Clapton and coffee? None. They both suck without Cream".

Update: Cool video of Cream performing "Sunshine Of Your Love". Highlights one of the great problems of music video even going back to the primordial days - when they launch into the solo section, who does the camera focus on? Ginger.....


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