Wednesday, November 17, 2004


DVDXCopy Retired On High Altar

I've finally given up on DVDXCopy. Despite the new firmware for the drive, it just hangs when trying to copy most DVDs, and DVDXCopy XPress is too dumb to copy certain multi-part DVDs. I've had good luck with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, the combination of which just took care of a particularly problematic DVD with two short main features and an extended bit of extras.

Lots of good info and links to these at After Dawn. Be sure to check out their guides on using the two programs, and the forums as well in case all doesn't go as planned. Thinking about it, this combination is actually far superior to DVDXCopy with only one extremely minor downside, that being that it's been best in my experience to rip the source material to an ISO file (using Decrypter or Shrink depending on the size of the source disc), then to burn the ISO with Decrypter (or for that matter, you could use Roxio or Nero). About ten seconds is added to the entire process to start (or change the mode of) Decrypter. BFD. Two thumbs up for the authors of Decrypter and Shrink.


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