Tuesday, November 02, 2004


E-Voting Hilarity

Electronic voting in action, courtesy of Boing Boing via Instapundit.

We use voting machines in my neck of the woods, other than someone preloading the counts like they seem to in Philly, they seem to work OK. Yeah I know they're old, but for some reason I rather like that "thunk" when you pull the level and you see all of the ballot levers reset for the next voter. Somehow has an air of empowerment. I suppose I could deal with a paper ballot too (just please not a scan form that has me fill in the ovals like the SAT; I left that crap behind long ago).

No indication if these e-voting boxes are running the dreaded Access-based voting software, but if e-voting is going to be MSFT-based, I want a paper ballot.


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