Friday, November 26, 2004


Give me a jewel for my belly and call me Buddah

We hosted another successful Thanksgiving dinner, the Mrs. really cooked up a storm, and dinner was awesome. Only bummer was the relatives showing up extremely late, leading to kids squawking about why we had to hold dinner (another five minutes and I would've said "start eating"). The tryptophane did its number on me as usual, and I'm feeling mighty bloated today.

I generally hate shopping on Black Friday but I've got a minor interest in checking out either a Line6 DL-4 or Boss DD-20 delay pedal. I'd like to put my Roland GR-33 to work a bit and I'd like to mess with some looping. Harmony Central has some pretty scathing reviews of the DL-4 and consistent good reviews of the DD-20, but since I take their reviews cum grano salis I'll take a ride up to my friendly music store and test drive the pedals to see if there's anything there to bother with (it's either this or go for something like a T.C. Electronic G-Major, which intrigues me, but unless I see one relatively cheap on eBay, I doubt I'll spring for one). I've also got to hit my cell phone dealer, as the battery in my phone is having trouble holding a charge, and since the phone is a couple of years old, I might as well look at what's out there (and no camera phone for me, what the heck do I need a gimmick like that for? If I need a digital camera, I'll take one with me).


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