Friday, November 19, 2004


I have an existential map. It has You are here written all over it.

Even more short shrift, as I have to get conversant real fast with Oracle 10g (in other words, by Monday morning, where I head to Respected New Client and have to harrumph about how wonderful the new release will be for them). Some of the new replication stuff looks really cool and will address some of their "follow the sun" concerns. Only problem of course is that Respected New Client is an AIX shop and all I've got access to at the moment are Linux and Solaris boxes (plus a Wintel server that's woefully underpowered; it was sputtering on Oracle 8 running on Red Hat despite 2 processors).

Gotta hand it to Oracle. Unlike certain other companies....

they provide real working software for evaluation and training.
Image courtesy of the lunatics at Fark

A couple of good editorials in the New York Post about that cesspool on First Avenue, first relating to BNP Paribas as the UN's bank (quelle surprise!) and guess what? The UN wants to grab a park for an expansion. Screw them. $7B of your tax dollars every year, folks.


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