Saturday, November 13, 2004


The Incredibles

In two words - see it. A couple of scenes might be a bit intense for the very youngest, but you know something? This movie works on a lot of levels - not just for the kids. Every suburban adult working as a cog for a large company with constantly fighting children will laugh their heads off. If you're a film buff, there are a few knowing winks to the James Bond movies, other recent superhero films, even a nod to some classic sci-fi (I caught references to Forbidden Planet and The Day The Earth Stood Still). The kids will love it.

Even the primate at the concession stand was able to serve us quickly and accurately. It still cost me $43 for the tickets, four drinks and one, count 'em, one medium bag of popcorn. Entertainment industry thinks that they can rape their customers on all fronts, then if there's a backlash against them and people either boycott or file-share, put their customers into the poorhouse or jail. And on top of it, shoot their mouths off (see Streisand's all-caps pre-election shout on her web site for a hilarious example of how stupid celebrities are; you'll have to Google it, as I refuse to link to her under any circumstances) that we're the idiots. Sigh.....


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