Monday, November 01, 2004


Monday Morning Grouchies

I happened to see "Far Out Munster" yesterday, and I grabbed a guitar to check out the chords to "Come On And Ringo" (or "Do The Ringo" as some sources have it); most of the song is obscured by dialogue, but the chords over the part that goes "I'm gonna set you straight, this dance is great, come on and Ringo" go Am-Bm-C-D-G, and then vamping on G to C for the repeats of "Come on and Ringo" and the "yeah, yeah" part. The show's credits didn't mention either of the songs. It looked like Larry Tamblyn was "playing" a single manual Vox Continental organ from what I could see. At least Tony Valentino was playing the correct chords that were sounding from the song (Ashlee, please take note).

One of these days I will track that song down. Then again, with my fatalistic cynicism, I'm reminded of "The Nine Billion Names Of God" when I think of this quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless (oh stop it already!)

The WaPo (via Slate) comments on on-stage backing tracks and pitch correction. Money quotes include:
O'Donnell remembers seeing R&B crooner R. Kelly drop his microphone during a live arena performance — but his vocals just kept on going. "His fans loved it," O'Donnell says. "They didn't care. They want the dancing. They want the show. Plus they knew Kelly really could sing"
Jaworek attributes a lot of it to "the cost of doing business." It's cheaper to bring a band in a small black box than a band on a tour bus. "This is why Enya won't tour," he says of the New Age pop star who uses lush orchestration and scores of vocal effects. "She feels she can't [properly] re-create her music live."

I seem to remember Kitaro doing live shows, and he managed to do a fine job without ProTools onstage. True, lots of sequencers (inherent to the type of music), but at least it was a full live reproduction of his albums.

Album reviews might have to wait until tomorrow, as today's shaping up busy by the looks of things.

Speaking of tomorrrow, vote. No excuses. Vote.


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