Monday, November 29, 2004


Monday Morning Inanities

Much doing today, with a lot of errands and petty tasks to run, not to mention getting ready for Respected New Client tomorrow up in the heart of Kennedy Country. One interesting thing I caught yesterday while watching the news was that I recognized the Cyrillic word "Svoboda" on one of the signs at a demonstration in the Ukraine. Obviously I'm hanging around too much with the Russian guys at work, but even though the context was demanding freedom of some sorts, naturally my thoughts turned to the '69 Mets. There was a recent book by Art Shamsky about the Jets and Mets championship teams of that year, and there were a couple of interesting bits contributed by Ron Swoboda. I was a bit surprised to read that he didn't get along all that well with Gil Hodges, but there were some great insights into the team from both Shamsky and Swoboda, who were platooned by Hodges that year. Swoboda had a lot of potential and was a fan favorite, but the context of the times didn't permit him to reach that potential. He was and is an excellent sportscaster and commentator, and unfortunately isn't up here at the scene of his greatest moments. He did some local news commentary way back when here in the NY metro area, but somehow managed to tick off someone with his incisive, outspoken comments. Ron, wherever you are (I think it's Atlanta), the fans here want you back...


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