Monday, November 08, 2004


Nietzsche says that we will live the same life, over and over again. God - I'll have to sit through the Ice Capades again.

Handicapping the Paleostinian Weekend At Bernies-Fest this AM, we find that Suha Arafat is going public at Al-Jazeera saying that
"I want the Palestinian people to be aware of the scope of this conspiracy. They want to bury him alive"

Boo-fucking-hoo. You know there's going to be trouble when Hanan Ashrawi chimes in that Mrs. Arafat's remarks were "very, very unfortunate" and "very provocative, almost slanderous". The word "slanderous" is a very loaded one amongst lefties, as it implies treason (Loot at how many Communist nations had slander against the state as a serious offense, warranting even capital punishment).

Now that it's gone to Al-Jazeera, the Mexican standoff is officially out in the open. Gut check here is that like Coca Cola, old Yasser didn't trust any one person with all of the info needed to operate his various bank and investment accounts, and that Suha doesn't want to give up her yichus (pardon the expression) without making sure she's got irrevocable carte blanche on Avenue Montaigne and Fauborg St. Honore for the rest of her life (you really don't think she'd move back to that pesthole, do you?). Considering the French attitude towards refrigeration, you'd think they'd be getting pressure to get the issue resolved....

It's HR season at Respected Employer, at which those of the officious self-demeanor like to put the working stiffs through various hoops for the illusory promise of rewards such as bonus and salary adjustments. Since there hasn't been a positive compensation adjustment in several years, their little game rings quite hollow (they've even gotten to the point of publishing a schedule of suggested increases and bonuses depending on your rating. The word "suggested" is of course the operative term, as the actual compensation decisions are determined by Your HR Professional and its business unit leader, who have thoroughly gamed the system by making sure your business unit didn't make its numbers despite having an overall productivity of over 100%; therefore it's BOHICA time). Since there's little realistic chance of anything meaningful coming out of this exercise, it's time to summon up the Method Acting skills to show how seriously we take this, and how we contribute on all fronts (I especially love the part where in order to demonstrate exactly what an asset you are you have to show that you are an active community participant and give willingly of time, effort and money to what is defined by the powers-that-be as "community development"; of course there are no qualitative measures for same and it's all as bloody subjective as could be).


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