Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Quote Without Comment Department Part 2

The Hindustan Times reports that the US is increasing the number of H-1B visas. Oh, they've increased the fee for an "anti-fraud" program, and they're tightening up the rules for L-1 (body shoppers) visas, but surprise, surprise, the measure was most supported by academia. Money quotes include:

The initiative to raise the number of H-1B visas and fix loopholes was taken by senator Saxby Chambliss and representative Lamar Smith, both Republicans, through separate Bills in the two Houses. The Bills were finally tucked into the Omnibus Appropriations Bill that was passed by Congress over the weekend.

Both made out the case for reserving the additional 20,000 H-1B visas for foreign students passing out of US universities with master's or doctorate degrees — a move vigorously supported by the leading lights of US tech industry like Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments.

"It's counterproductive to educate these students and then force them abroad to compete against us," says Sandra Boyd, who chairs the "Compete America" coalition that lobbied for the exemptions.

Your government at work. You know, the one that thinks feeling up women will increase air safety.


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