Sunday, November 28, 2004


Six months in....

Today marks the six-month mark into this blog, certainly over 100K words, and something over 182 posts (for some reason, Blogger doesn't update the statistics on any sort of discernible schedule so without checking the archives I can't be exactly sure; like I've said, you get what you pay for). It's an interesting trip, in that I take a bit of advice I got from Kim DuToit very seriously (Kim's the gold standard for bloggers, IMO) in that no matter how busy or whatever else is happening, make sure you post every day (vacations of course excluded). Like a lot of bloggers I occasionally suffer from bloggers' block, and sometimes that daily post may indeed be the simple "keepalive" note, but the wisdom in Kim's advice is obvious. Even if there's a momentary dry spell something will come up that will inspire or enrage you and the verbiage will come pouring out.

I suppose that my biggest frustration when writing this blog is that upon occasion there have been items in the Wall Street Journal or the Sulzberger Entity's business section that I can deliver some very pithy insider commentary on, but because of a nasty habit (I like to eat and pay my mortgage) I have to hold my tongue lest this blog cause me more grief with Respected Employer. Sufficiently sanitizing some of these stories may take some time for them to pass from immediate news consciousness (I'm actually sitting on one story which I'd dearly love to tell, it's about an incident which is positively legendary at a certain brokerage/investment bank giant, but because there's a very small group of people who actually witnessed the incident - myself among them - and the protagonist is very hot-tempered and still floating around in the financial services community, there's no reason to expose myself to grief. Suffice it to say the story could well have been used for a gag in a slob comedy).

That said, there's a Respected New Client who's spinning up a new project this coming week, and I'll be getting used to a whole new bunch of excitable types who're trying to do More With Less and other sorts of deviltry, and surely they will provide me with new fodder, and perhaps even give me some clues as to how to obfuscate some of the stories from places like Colditz (perhaps the distance helps). Blogging may be on an oddball schedule this week, as I will be on-site at Respected New Client and I can't speak for how my schedule (or their content filtering) will allow me to rant. More'n likely blogging will be in the evening or very early morning.

Welcome again.


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