Tuesday, November 16, 2004


We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!

Yea verily the HR season hilarity begins, pushing to get paperwork that means absolutely nothing into a system that will induce anxiety, empower pompous twits who love power trips and result in absolutely no quantifiable benefit for yourself, your firm and its stakeholders other than justifying the miserable existence of HR twits. A pox upon them, and a pox upon Jack Welch for making HR processes like this de rigeur. A colleague of mine once got trapped into an internal project to implement the cluster fuck known as our HR framework from an IT perspective, and he spent years trying to shoehorn this thing into working with the very ancient systems (some even running on VAXen) we were using at the time, only to find that like poor Dr. Guillotine his toolset was turned against him. A stupid idea, trying to qualify and quantify subjective impressions, when the only quantifiable measure is productivity (which of course is a function of how well the sales team does; it seems odd to punish those who are solely in a delivery role for the failures of sales teams to land business. Yet indeed this is the way it works, leading one to believe that actually doing something is not the ultimate objective of the firm, it's selling more business. Sounds like some multi-level marketing firms....).

I'm a bit hot under the collar over the new health plan options offered by Respected Employer for next year. Costs are significantly increasing, and the one plan that actually made sense for most of us has been discontinued for poor financial performance. Boiling frog syndrome, anyone?


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